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All of our croissants are available daily, they are laminated with only the finest French butter, the process takes 16 hours from start to finish, but it’s worth it for that extra flavour.

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All Butter Croissants

This is our plain all butter croissant, great on its own or with butter and jam, or why not try it with ham and cheese or any savoury filling of your choice, toast it, it’s amazing!

all butter croissants

almond croissant

Almond Croissant

One of the customer’s favourites, our croissant pastry is pumped full of our own special almond filling.


Pain au Chocolat

Again very popular, our croissant pastry is filled with loads of Belgium Chocolate.

pain au chocolat
pain aux raisin

Pain aux Raisin

Our Croissant pastry is rolled up with plenty of Crème Patisserie and Raisins.

Fresh Fruit Danish

Again our croissant pastry is filled with crème patisserie and finished with fresh fruits after baking.

fresh fruit danish
berliner doghnuts

Berliner Doughnuts

Our doughnuts are made using a German recipe with an overnight fermentation which gives a unique flavour, Wild blueberry, Caramelized honeycomb, Apple and cinnamon to name but a few.

Hot X Buns

Our hot x buns are legendry, packed full of fruit and very spicy.

hot x buns

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