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All of our bread is hand made from scratch in our Lilliput Bakery, using only traditional methods and a long fermentation process to build up a real full bodied flavour; we add no chemicals to our bread, most of the bread is also baked on the oven floor, our flour is made from Canadian Manitoba wheat, regarded as the best by the majority of bakers, all of the bread is over seen by Mark who holds 22 world bread awards.

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Stone Baked Pain de Campagne

Pain de Campagne simply means French Country Bread, there is no exact recipe for this loaf, it can vary from region to region, our version is made with wheat flour, fresh yeast, natural leaven and salt, it is processed for over 16 hours to give a full bodied flavour.

pain de campagne

malty salt bread

Malty Seed Loaf

This is one of my favourites, made with wheat, rye and malt flour, fresh yeast. Minimal Salt, Pumpkin, Sesame, Sunflower, Golden and Brown linseeds, which gives a real nutty flavour, this loaf has a long shelf life.

Stone Baked Baguettes

We do two types of Baguette, one is made from the Campagne dough, and the other is made from the Malty Seed dough, as above, as we all know the baguette only keeps for a day, but if you do end up with one that is a couple of days old, just pop it into a hot oven to crisp it up.

 stone baked baguettes
medi bread

Mediterranean Bread

This is probably one of the most popular of the speciality breads we do, it is made with wheat flour, fresh yeast, minimal salt, olive oil, black olives, red onions and sun dried tomatoes topped with a cheese crust.

Available Monday, Wednesday and Saturday.

 served saturday

pain au levain

Pain au Levain

This is our 100% French Sour Dough, made with wheat flour, minimal salt and natural leaven, this bread is made on our 18 hour process  which gives a full bodied flavour.


Five Seed Sour

This is our 100% German style sour dough made with wheat, rye and malt flour, minimal salt and natural leaven, pumpkin, sunflower, sesame , golden and brown linseeds.

five seed sour
cheddar and cracked black pepper


Cheddar and Cracked Black Pepper

This loaf is made with our 100% white sour dough, with plenty of mature cheddar and cracked black pepper, this bread has a real cheese flavour, Mark never skimps on the fillings.

Fruit Loaf

This loaf is made with our 100% white sour dough, loaded with raisins and French orange and lemon candied peel.

fruit loaf

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