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In 2012, after 29 dedicated years working as a third generation Master Baker for the family business, Mark’s devotion, drive and determination led him to open the doors to his very own Artisan bakery – Patisserie Mark Bennett. Utilising his skills and knowledge of European baking brought his vision of rustic excellence to life, as what is now one of the leading Artisan bakeries in the UK today.

Britain’s Best Bakery

Just three months after opening, Patisserie Mark Bennett was requested to compete in ITV’s Britain’s Best Bakery competition. Not only did they win the regionals, but they also went on to become victors for the Southern finals, sadly being defeated in the final week of Nationals.

Baker of the Year 2014

Said to be his finest personal achievement and highlight of his career, this amazing experience saw the Baking Industry celebrate Mark Bennett’s success with this prestigious award.

Craft Bakery of the Year 2015

The icing on the cake after Mark’s triumph the previous year, this time the award embraced the business as a whole, commending the entire team for their hard work and creativity as a craft bakery.

World Bread Awards

An Olympian of the baking world, Mark currently holds 22 medals including 6 Gold, 8 Silver and 8 Bronze for the past three years that he has entered the World Bread Awards.


Cake Champion

Mark’s skills and style in cake decoration led him to take home the Gold medal over 100 times whilst working for the family business, earning him recognition as one of the best cake decorators in the world and British champion for wedding and birthday cakes. Retiring from competition and qualifying as a bakery judge, Mark has since been awarded the Pierro Scacco for his devoted services to the industry.

Royal Icing

For his abundant achievements in cake decoration, the year 1987 saw Mark Bennett (at the tender age of 18) being chosen to create the Royal wedding cake for the Duke and Duchess of York.


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